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  Welcome to BabyGraf World Headquarters!



  NINE WEEK GRAPH for Infants and Up!

Now you will be able to answer these questions at a glance:

  • How many ounces of formula is my baby eating?
  • How many Wet/BM diapers on a particular day?
  • What are my baby's sleep patterns?

You can also answer these questions as well....

  • When is my baby usually fussy?
  • When were medicines given and how much?
  • Which breast did I start with?
  • How many ounces did I pump?


 Keep up with all daily activities !

As new mothers, Mandy & Debi, co-founders of M.D. & Associates, the developers of BabyGraf, needed a way to record their sons' daily activities. As new mommies, they needed to know when feedings, naptime and diaper changes occurred. Unable to find anything that met their needs, they developed this easy-to-use system for keeping track of their little ones' activities during the first nine weeks of life.

BabyGraf is so simple to use you can actually expect babysitters and older siblings to keep such records for you. Big brothers and sisters just love getting involved with caregiving. Take it with you the next time baby must visit the doctor and he will instantly know everything needed about baby's health and habits. Best of all, BabyGraf is a keepsake you will cherish forever.


BabyGraf makes a great gift!

What expecting or new mom do you know who wouldn't just love BabyGraf? Order several and keep them on hand for 'waiting for baby' gifts and for special occasions, including showers and christenings. The precious time a mom spends with her newborn goes by so quickly, the BabyGraf is more than a record... it's a remembrance! Click "Show Me" to see how the BabyGraf system works!



Best of all, BabyGraf costs Only $5.95! (plus s&h). BabyGraf is worth a million dollars to many new moms, and yet only costs pennies a day! At this economical price, there's no reason you shouldn't order by the dozen and save on shipping costs. Everyone will ask where you found BabyGraf and will expect one when their new babies arrive. Be Ready! Order TODAY!



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